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J&M Delivery's Errand Services specializes in residential deliveries for those times when you just can't be in two places at once.

* Do you need your spare keys picked up and delivered
* Does your dry cleaner close before you get out of work
so you can't pick up your cleaning?
* Did you buy or sell tickets or anything else online
and would rather not meet the other party face to face?
* Did you purchase something at a retail store that they
can't deliver today?
* Does your contractor need "one small" part so he can
keep working on your house, and finish the job today?
* Do you work from home, and need a courier company willing
to pick up and deliver to residential areas.
* Did you forget it was your sweetie's birthday, and need
to get something to her NOW!? Buy it online, and have J&M
Deliver it.
* Ask about our Mobile Notary Service!!!

J&M Delivery's Mobile Notary Service
Did you sign a document only to find out you need it notarized? J&M can send a Notary to you at your house, at your work, at your barber, or anywhere else you need one.
**Please Note, according to the Maryland Insurance Administration Insurance Article 10-101(i). " A Notary may not render services which may result in the issuance of a title insurance contract; such services may only be performed by a licensed title insurance producer as defined in Insurance Article 10-101(i)" In other words, all we can do is witness your signature. We cannot perform real estate closings, or provide legal aid or advice which would result in the issuance of title insurance or in the collecting escrow funds.

We Deliver Everything Residential!

* Party supplies
* Food orders
* Medical supplies & medical records
* Light furniture and appliances
* Concert & sporting event tickets
* Computer equipment
* Pet products
* Retail purchases too big for your car
* Do-it-yourselfer's supplies
* Ask about our Mobile Notary Service. We'll come to you!****

We are not a moving company, but if you think you have something which one person could move, we will. We have delivered all types of items to all types of places, including the dump. We are licensed and insured, and our drivers are certified "Good Eggs". No delivery surprises us, especially after our trip to the fertility clinic. I don't know what we delivered, but we delivered it.
Our drivers are experienced professionals who know the fastest routes to and fro, and who to shmooz when there's shmoozing to be done.
If you absolutely cannot do it yourself, call J&M Delivery's Errand Services today at 301.530.5999

****Coming Soon! Visa, Mastercard,American Express Accepted